domingo, 26 de marzo de 2017

Conchi class: 5 y.o.

We have started our project about...... FARM ANIMALS! We love this topic

Maribel class: Our face

This week we have painted big faces in order to learn his parts.

Cris and Tania´s class

We love painting with apples, it is a different way of learning, you can try it at home!

Pili´s class: Stamping apples

The little ones have also enjoyed with the apples and the paint, they love explored different activities.

Merchi Class: Stamping Apples

We continue with our project about food and during this week we have done different experiments with fruits, here you can see how children enjoy stamping apples


In fifth they are also experts creating comics.  Not only have they made them using the Canva tool but they also dramatized them. Well done!...